I use a variety of polymer clay products mostly Fimo and Sculpey. They are soft craft materials that once fired harden to a plastic like substance. I also use small amounts of wire, beads, paint, etc., where required.

As they harden to a plastic like substance, with the correct handing they will last a lifetime. As with any ornament, they should be handled carefully and not dropped! Small breakages can be fixed with super glue.

This really depends on what you require. Standard figures are about 14 cm high, with the base for a single figure about 5 cm wide and for a double figure about  10 cm wide. However, your concept may not fit into a standard category and will be a unique size. All toppers will be able to be displayed on top of a cake if that is your plan, unless otherwise stated.

No! Although they can be called cake toppers this is perhaps a misnomer. Due to their unique design and the fact that many people commission them for a special occasion they are often used to sit on top of a cake. However, they are a great individual stand alone gift, just as you would purchase any gift for a loved one, friend or event.

If the cake is not going to be moved after the topper is displayed on it, it is not necessary to fix the topper on. However, if the cake will be moved or you wish a bit more security that the topper will remain in place use a small amount of icing sugar mixed with water to make a paste and use a small amount on top of the cake to ‘glue’ the topper into place.



Please fill out an enquiry form on the Contact page  and I will check availability for what you require. Alternatively you can email me and I will contact you to discuss what you would like to order so that I can assess fully the time required to complete your order and provide you with a quote.  Once you are happy to place an order, a 50% deposit is required to secure your date..

To secure a date I require an approximate idea of what you would like e.g. how many figures, any props you would like, any unusual poses, etc. Approximately 6 weeks before your event date I will send you a questionnaire that will confirm the finer details of your order, e.g dress style, hair colour and style, etc.


No, I make a variety of items including bespoke ornaments and unusual gifts. Please visit our gallery to see some of the different items we have made in the past. Contact us if you have any new ideas or would like help with designing something special.